It’s time here to go back to basics and take a closer look as to why print advertising not only delivers, but delivers better than other forms of advertising. In our last blog we wrote about all the traditional online companies that have recently started print magazines like: Airbnb, and The reason for this trend is that print offers benefits that digital doesn’t, and that digital combined with print advertising is much more powerful than digital alone.

There are many advantages to print advertising over digital, and there has been lots of research on the subject. Here are eight major benefits of print advertising:

#1 Prestige – The tangibility of print and perhaps its rich history means that if an article or advertisement appears in print, it’s more respectable.

#2 TrustAD AGE suggests that readers trust print more than the web in almost every area. For example, people are seven times more likely to turn to print publications like Vogue for fashion and beauty content, according to new research from MediaVest.

#3 Clearly Defined Target Audiences – Ad buyers can arrange to have their ads in the most relevant editorial sections. When buying across a digital network, you can never be sure if your ad is reaching the right audience at the right time.

#4 High Engagement Rates – According to Folio Magazine’s report on a survey done by Ball State University, magazines are the exclusive or primary medium 85 percent of the time they are used by consumers. This means that when someone is reading a newspaper or a magazine, they are not doing much else.

#5 High Ad Recall + Branding – People do not easily forget an eye-catching print ad they come across in a glossy magazine. Also as reported by Folio Magazine, according to a recent MRI/Next Step poll, 55 percent of teens say they pay a lot of attention to print ads. In fact, magazine ads have the second highest receptivity of any media, second only to TV.

#6 Multi-distribution + Longevity – Magazines get shared and passed on in households and among friends. And they stick around for months, even years. Think about all the reading you do while waiting at the doctor’s office, or before and/or during your beauty appointments.

#7 Print Persuades Purchase Influencers – According to the MRI Survey of the American Consumer, so-called “influentials”, those who sway the purchasing decisions of other consumers, are influenced by print. 61% reporting being influenced by magazines and 53% by newspapers.

#8 Print Drives Online Search – According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, 47.2 percent of shoppers are most likely to start an online search after viewing a magazine ad

All this evidence shows that the benefits of print advertising are too good to be overlooked by advertisers today. Companies that take on this “digital is the future/print is dead” attitude are threatening the future of their businesses.