For decades, local newspaper advertising has helped countless businesses grow. On behalf of its advertisers, newspapers serve as an important tool for generating the initial steps in the consumer buying process like picking up the phone, walking in the door, or conducting an online inquiry. And, as we have proudly mentioned in previous blogs and posts, newspapers remain very popular among the public, including wealthy and young readers.  So, just when we thought we had all the proof of the continued relevance of newspaper advertising, we received a letter from Austin Beutner, the Publisher and CEO of the LA Times, that blew us away.

LA Times letterWhile announcing his new section of the paper called California he wrote, “The Times delivers a larger local audience than the Emmy Awards, Monday Night Football or MSNBC, CNBC, HLN, Fox Business and Bloomberg combined. Your advertisement in The Times reaches more Angelenos than a prime-time ad on the top four network TV stations combined, or one ad on the top 20 local radio stations combined.” Wow! These shows are very popular individually, but combined!? Twenty radio stations?!  Yes, LA is a major city but these statistics are still staggering.

As for newspapers in general, here is more proof of their powerful reach. We found an article published earlier this year by MediaPost that contained these research results:  “Just over half (55%) of the U.S. newspaper audience still reads their local newspaper in print only — with no overlapping digital consumption.  Just 7% of those surveyed said they read their local newspaper only online, while just 3% read it with a mobile device, and a mere 5% read it both online and with a mobile device. That works out to 15% of the local newspaper audience using only digital channels.”  15% digital only readership vs 55% print only readership is a pretty large difference!

Newspapers are also popular with those shopping for luxury goods. Mentioned in a blog post from, there was a study conducted that showed, “42 percent of those who plan to make luxury purchases in the next 12 months have seen newspaper advertising in the last 30 days. Fifty-nine percent of luxury purchasers with HHI of $500,000+ have seen newspaper ads. Of those who’ve seen newspaper ads, 79 percent of luxury purchasers have expressed interest in the advertising…newspapers rank #1 in potential engagement among ultra-high net worth $500,000+ HHI, luxury-buying households.”  More proof that those with strong buying power turn to print.

Extensive reach and high engagement levels even in this present digital and mobile age. It’s time we give newspapers the respect they deserve!