Afar Magazine - Adweek's HottestSince there is still snow on the ground in lots of places (in some places, too much), we feel there is still time to mention some magazine stars who have shown remarkable growth in ad pages this past year compared to 2012.  For a complete list of growth/decline in ad pages by magazine last year compared to the year before, check out the list put together by The Association of Magazine Media (MPA). Way to go Eating Well with a 61% increase! And here is a surprise, Muscle & Fitness Hers up 35%.  Hot Rod is up 33%. I wonder if it’s the ladies pumping up sales with that one?

Looking at Adweek’s 2013 “The Hot List”, many of its print magazine category winners had significant growth in ad pages in 2013 compared to 2012.  Below is a list of some of the categories, winners and percent growth in ad pages mentioned in the article.

So what is the cause of the growth? It depends.  In the case of HGTV magazine, being new to the market and a spinoff from the popular cable network of the same name, are the causes of its jump in ad pages.  For Men’s Fitness, a redesign breathed new life into the fashion and grooming advertising category.  And, just when we thought the marketplace was saturated with travel and luxury magazines, AFAR’s ad page growth is soaring.  Heavy paper stock and lush photography is what Adweek credit’s for that publication’s success. While the specific reasons why magazines ad pages grew last year versus the year before vary, one thing is clear. Without great content that is unique, engaging and keeps readers coming back for more, these publications will not survive, let alone grow.  The good news for 2013 is that great content and demand for print magazines was there!

Please leave us a comment letting us know your thoughts. What do you think will happen in 2014? What pubs were left out? With all the digital options out there, why is print still popular?