Now that the holidays are over and the champagne’s on ice, fashion houses have started to promote their Spring 2016 lines. The use of shock and the blending of gender roles by these global brands to raise awareness are advertising trends that you will continue to see.  But another advertising trend that may not be so obvious, however, is the reliance on print to best convey these messages. The simple printed page is the best canvas to incite emotions and display ad creative. And, it is not just the fashion businesses that continues to embrace print. Even the President of the United States is using it!

Recently, the New York Times reported on new Louis Vuitton ads, to be revealed in upcoming February magazine issues, which feature Jaden Smith (son of famous Will and Jada Pinkett Smith) in head to toe women’s clothing.

Louis Vuitton Print Ad

Tiffany & Co. is taking advantage of the high-quality visuals print has to offer with its recent “Will You?” campaign featuring a real-life gay New York City couple.  While featuring same-sex couples in ads in not new, it is a first for the 178-year old company, a cultural symbol for marriage. Tiffany launched the exclusively print campaign first, but does have plans to follow up with TV spots next month.

Tiffany_WillYou_samesexprint ad - Copy

Check out President Obama’s print ad for his final State of the Union address. The picture says it all – no need for words or flashy web banners.  The president is relaxed, proud and confident about his final year ahead.


Despite what you may have heard, print advertising is still the promotional medium of choice for legendary fashion brands, heads of state and many others. What’s your favarite print ad?