New Yorker Holiday Shopping Guide CoverWith the holiday season here, we thought we would take a closer look at the benefits of print advertising and why it makes sense for retailers and brands to use it to get shopper’s attention. As we’ve shown in recent blogs, print is not only not dead, but also being embraced by online based businesses to promote their brands offline.  But, given the attention online shopping and digital advertising gets, we wanted to know what industries are embracing print advertising and what researchers are saying about how and why it is a great choice for advertisers during the holiday season.

On our LinkedIn brand page, we just mentioned this article found on about consumers on-the-go preferred way to interact with brands when they are away from their desktop computers, but it is worth mentioning again. It reported on research by MarketingSherpa showing that almost half of consumers prefer print – not smartphones – when away from their desktops. This means that when consumers are mobile, they prefer to learn about brands via print media. As a marketer, you would be making a mistake by not including print in your holiday promotional plans.

More specifically, let’s take a look at newspapers. Research shows that newspaper readers tend to have higher than average incomes so are a great place to advertise year round, not just during the holiday season. And it looks like some brands are aware of this since newspaper ad spending jumped 18% in September and was up 16% last quarter, according to Media Life magazine. The main reason for this double-digit increase came from spending in the Consumer Electronics and Entertainment categories. We suspect this trend to continue through the holiday season. The Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) 2015 Tech Industry Outlook says that new categories of consumer electronics will generate about $10 billion (wholesale number) in 2015, which is double from 2014. The new categories are mainly connected, mobile devices like wearable fitness gadgets and smart eyewear.  Besides its affluent audience, it’s worth noting that newspapers offer retailers and small businesses the ability to target local audiences.  People look for ads in special holiday inserts and/or special sections of their local papers. This engaged behavior is quite different from that of online shoppers glossing over irrelevant digital ads, or worse, getting annoyed by them.

Magazines are great for holiday advertising as well, especially for affluent brands looking to uphold a high class image and reach niche audiences. Brands like Gucci, Breitling and Kate Spade are not looking to reach mass audiences so you won’t find them advertising on the radio, TV or Google’s Ad Network.  For example, New York Magazine just released “The Gift Issue” filled with unique gift ideas and upscale advertisers. The relaxed experience of flipping through the pages learning about fun gift ideas and viewing pretty, glossy photos just cannot be found online.

As you can see, newspaper and magazine advertising is going strong this year. Advertisers are giving the browsing experience shoppers want – print.  Happy shopping everyone!