We have all heard of the term “Integrated Marketing.”  According to businessdictionary.com, it means “an approach to achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign, through a well coordinated use of different promotional methods that are intended to reinforce each other.” This definition is a good one, but very general.  Not too long ago, this definition could have been interpreted to mean having the same look and feel across online and traditional marketing channels while “talking at” your target audience.  Nowadays, what integrated marketing means for brands is creating an overall, meaningful message that has the ability to emotionally connect with audiences, wherever they are.   To take this concept even further, you all might remember a few years back when there was an assumption in the advertising world that integrated marketing was really more about social and digital. Print was left out of consideration. Today, things have come full circle and print is often one of the most critical components of a truly integrated approach to marketing.  We took a look at some recent award-winning integrated marketing campaigns. They included advertising mediums such as: digital, TV, social media, PR, video, and… you guessed it…PRINT!

The GAP’s Holiday 2013 “Back to Blue” campaign won the top CLIO Image award (honors creative excellence in fashion, beauty, retail and accessories) in the Integrated Campaign category.   Besides print magazine ads, the campaign included a return to television advertising for the first time in four years, videos, digital ads and social media. Below is one of the print ads from that campaign.Back to Blue GAP Holiday 2013 Print Ad Example

Another one of our favorite recent integrated marketing campaigns is the 2013 winner of a Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Award, Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign.   It ran during the 2012 Summer Olympics, but the company was not an official sponsor of the games. Still, they cleverly managed to align themselves with the games and emotionally connect with audiences via a variety of advertising mediums.  A series of videos was one of them. The videos featured real, everyday people proving that greatness is for everyone, not just the prodigies of the world.  Prepare to get a bit teary-eyed checking out this video of a 12-year old overweight jogger.  And, below is a print ad generating the same overall, emotional message found in the video.Nike's Find Your Greatness Print Ad

Print advertising clearly is a key ingredient to any great integrated marketing campaign. GAP, Nike and many other brands know this to be true and have proven it. Now, when are the rest going to take off their headphones and listen?