When it comes to advertiser targeting, the Baby Boomer generation has been taking a backseat to the younger Millennial generation. But, research has shown that Boomers have the most buying power in the country right now. Making purchases in a wide range of categories, such as: technology, travel, fitness, health, and consumer packaged goods, they are informed decision makers who stay loyal to their favorite brands. You will find them across all forms of media too. Marketers – you may want to rethink your advertising strategies.

According to the US Census, Baby Boomers are those born between the years 1946 and 1964 and there are approximately 76 million of them in this country. Because US News & World Report attracts many in this group, they conducted research to find out more about their buying habits. Turns out, they discovered that Boomers control a mere 70% of all disposable income in the United States. Here are just a few more interesting stats about Boomer purchasing habits revealed by US News’ research by category:

  • Leisure: 70% plan to take an overnight vacation in the next 12 months and 49% plan to spend between $1,000 and $5,000 for their vacations in 2015

  • Financial: 57% say that funding retirement is one of their top financial concerns

  • Consumer Packaged Goods: overall they make 55% of the sales within this category

According to the Newspaper Association of America, Baby Boomers embrace mobile technology but also maintain their attachment to print.  For more evidence of their fondness for offline media, here is how Experian.com describes Baby Boomers:

  • Eclectic media consumers who enjoy newspapers, radio, television and an array of magazines

  • Fans of news talk, classic rock and adult contemporary radio stations

  • Adventurers who research their destinations online and through print media

  • Readers ofBudget Travel, Endless Vacations and Consumer Reports magazines

Clearly, those Boomers are anything but sitting in their rocking chairs pinching pennies.  Media buyers take note!