newspaper circulars, newspaper advertising, credibility of newspaper ads, coupons,The NAA, Newspaper Association of America, wrapped up its mediaXchange 2014 conference last week in Denver, CO.  The purpose of the annual event is to bring industry leaders of all fields – advertising, publishing, reporting, circulation, and digital – together for the common cause of bettering the newspaper industry this year and beyond.  For three days, more than fifty speakers representing companies like Twitter, Google and Buzzfeed, plus one hundred advertising representatives from companies like Kohl’s, Macy’s, Walmart were in attendance, providing great information-sharing and networking opportunities.  The wide range of hot topics currently affecting the industry covered included the explosive growth of mobile usage, the increased use of native advertising, and the evolution of new revenue streams for newspapers.

The NAA’s CEO, Caroline Little, believes that the newspaper industry has done a phenomenal job adapting to the demands of consumers whether in print, online or via mobile devices.  “Nearly three-quarters of adults in this country read newspapers, whether in print or online or both.  The impact of newspapers has not waned and continues to strengthen. The way forward for newspapers in 2014 is maintaining the balance to provide readers the content they need, how they want it.”  And, don’t count print out yet compared to its digital and mobile platforms! One fact worth noting is that research published just this past January shows that print newspaper ads are still the most trusted ads out of any other form of paid advertising. 63% of adults in North America trust them over magazine, television, radio and digital advertisements.

We would love to hear what you think about the future of the newspaper industry and how it has adapted to our rapidly changing times.