pineapple Magazine coverHere is one of the most ironic trends for the year ahead in the media world: more print publications are being launched from traditional digital-only companies.  As we mentioned in our previous blog about the value of integrated advertising campaigns, companies are finally realizing that print is a necessary part of the media mix. The fact that purely online companies are getting this message and launching their own print publications is even more proof that print is finally getting the respect that it deserves, and is here to stay.

Here are just a few websites that launched print magazines in 2014, or are set to launch soon:

  • – A website for people looking for lodgings, launched a quarterly magazine this season called “Pineapple”. With a circulation of 18,000, the first seasonal issue was released in Winter 2014, is 128 pages, and features three cities: London, San Francisco (where the company is based) and Seoul. The reason why the company decided to launch the magazine was to “to explore our fundamental values: sharing, community and belonging.”
  •  – This 20 year old site for reviews of consumer electronics launched a quarterly back in November 2014. As stated on their website, the reason isWhile others are running away from print, we’re embracing it to do what we’ve always done — tell stories in fun and compelling new ways.”
  • – Launched in early 2014, this women’s fashion shopping site, designed in the style of a print magazine, allows the fashions featured in its print magazine to be purchased via an app.
  • com and -They will launch as bimonthlies in February and March 2015, respectively. Both started out as websites 10 years ago. I guess cute dog and cat pictures aren’t just for the internet!

We cannot mention them all! But, just from this small sampling, you can tell that this trend is crossing all types of industries. And, some magazines that abandoned print are now coming back. It was announced earlier this month that Ed Tech magazine, which deserted print two years ago, is now relaunching its print edition. It’s worth mentioning that the TV industry is not missing out on this trend either, with launches like Food Network and HGTV magazines.

We expect this from digital to print movement to continue. An article in about media trends in 2015 states,  “Print is very effective for targeting readers, engagement rates are often very high, understanding the readership is relatively easy and ad recall tends to be higher than online. We could see more print launches in 2015 from digital organizations.”

Tell us what you think.